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Floor Coverings

Add personality and creative flair to your event or exhibition stand with our carpet and vinyl floor coverings range.

Floor Coverings

Transform your company’s corporate space within any exhibition or trade show with cord carpet or alternative temporary flooring that can complete your space’s branding and make a real impact on the customers who choose to visit your professional and polished stand. Giving your space maximum impact when sitting directly next to your closest competitors, changing the exhibition carpet gives your stand a professional twist that is sure to stand out from the crowd in a busy venue.

Why Use Event Flooring?

Transform your space

All the branded exhibition furniture in the world doesn’t work beautifully with mismatched, heavily-used trade show flooring. Adding some specially designed event flooring to your corporate space is sure to complete your stand, providing you with the most polished section of the exhibition.

Stand out

Not every company will have invested in exhibition flooring for your event, so stand out from the crowd and let your potential customers know that your company is the most professional and stylish at the venue.

Where Can I Use Exhibition Flooring?

Exhibitions & Trade Shows

Once you know which trade show you will be attending, you can select the venue on ExpoCart and find the exact pricing per square metre for that venue. You can then enter the exact square meterage of your stand space, allowing you to have the perfect temporary flooring for your space during the period of the exhibition.

Temporary Events & Promotions

Whether you are throwing an event or have a short-term promotion in-store and want to create a temporary branded space for a product launch, exhibition flooring can be used for a plethora of locations to create the perfect professional atmosphere.

What Are ExpoCart’s Temporary Flooring Made From?

Exhibition Carpet

In a wide range of colours to suit every brand’s logo and colour scheme, you’ll find ExpoCart’s selection of temporary cord carpet. Highly durable, this carpet is built to withstand heavy footfall during a busy exhibition or event.

Vinyl Flooring

A contemporary and creative alternative to cord carpet is vinyl floor covering, designed as a great way to dress out an exhibition space. From neutral wood effects to bright splashes of colour to brighten up any exhibition or trade show venue, you’ll find the perfect solution to team with the rest of your company branding and make a big impact at your next event.

Create Your Own Package

When heading off to an important trade show or exhibition, it’s important to plan your space in advance and create the best possible branded visuals for your stand. ExpoCart is a leader in the industry in helping companies to do this, providing options to dress, fill and brand your exhibition stand or event space and attract as many potential customers as possible. Using our customisable products, you can pair your temporary flooring or exhibition carpet with coordinating products to create the most consistent branding experience on location.

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