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Swing Pavement Signs

Our range of swing pavement signs are a fantastic way to promote your promotional message to passing trade and visitors. These outdoor advertising displays are available in a choice of white or black frame finish, with printed posters and a choice of graphic material. The panels are attached to the frame effortlessly in just a matter of seconds and if you opt for a poster graphic, your graphic can be replaced very easily without any fuss.

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Discover ExpoCart’s wide range of swing signs suitable for use on the pavement and beyond. These budget-friendly, sturdy and robust swinger signs make advertising outdoors simple. Just add your own graphics in seconds and allow your swing board to attract customers while you get on with running your business.

Traditional swing boards are a great way to attract passing business. While the idea behind them is still the same, ExpoCart’s innovative range of swing signs are designed better than ever. With options at all budgets, our signs are designed with sturdy and weatherproof bases for use at any time of year. We have signs crafted in PVC and aluminium which makes them hard-wearing and long-lasting.

How do I add my graphics to a swinging sign?

Making the process as quick and easy as possible, you can add and change your graphics without any tools, in seconds.

Have your swing board delivered with your graphics already printed and attached or choose a design with a magnetic seal frame which allows you to add in your posters at any time.

Will my swing sign stay up?

The bases of our swinging signs are crafted in recycled solid PVC designed to withstand the wind. While your graphics will swing, your base will stand strong.

Can my swinger sign get wet?

These signs are designed to be outdoors. In the UK, we can never guarantee the weather. So, all our outdoors signs are designed to withstand the British weather come rain or shine.

Where can I use these signs?

Use these signs traditionally outside shops and retail establishments. You can also use them to direct to your shop or exhibition stand outside a trade show.

If you’re not sure which swing sign is right for your business, get in touch with ExpoCart and we’d be happy to advise.

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