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Exhibition Carpet & Floor Covering

Choose from a huge range of colours with our carpet floor coverings, designed to stand the test of traffic at any corporate or trade event. Select your specific venue for pricing and complete your stand with a burst of your distinctive brand colours.

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Carpet for events and exhibitions

Ensure every detail of your exhibition space is branded for your business with the use of carpet floor covering, designed and created for exhibition and trade show spaces. Crafted in a heavy-duty, highly-durable fabric, this cord carpet is built for high traffic areas with heavy footfall, ensuring no fraying or damage for the duration of the event. With a colour match to suit every company’s branding, complete your exhibition space with a flooring choice that works from ExpoCart.

Why Use Exhibition Carpet

High Quality

During exhibitions and trade shows footfall is high. You need a robust cord carpet that can withstand thousands of feet over several days and maintain a professional and just-as-new finish. Designed and made for the job, ExpoCart’s high-quality exhibition carpet is the ideal choice.

Complete Your Branding

Worked hard to create a branding package for your exhibition stand that exudes your company colours, logos and slogans? Don’t skip the last detail and forget about the importance of the flooring. Add your company colours to your floor space to complete a high impact and professional trade stand.

Where Can I Use Carpet Floor Covering?

Exhibitions & Trade Shows

Built for exhibitions and trade shows, carpet floor covering is perfect for completing your space in style and at a budget.

Budget Flooring

Does your showroom or office space need new flooring on a tight budget? Cord carpet can be the ideal solution, offering you a wide range of colours to suit any interior at the fraction of the cost of regular carpets.

Create Your Own Package

Choose between exhibition carpet and vinyl flooring for your exhibition space and then create a fully branding stand with the use of ExpoCart’s fantastic exhibition furniture. From counters and plinths to signage for use indoor and outside the event, create a unique package that works for your business.

  • Vinyl Floor Covering
  • Printed Tablecloths
  • Promotional Counters & Plinths
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