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Exhibition Shell Scheme Graphics

Create the ideal exhibition space for your business with our exhibition shell scheme graphics in high quality and colour depth for any trade show or corporate event. Choose from either delivery and installation packages or self-installation.

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Shell Scheme Graphics Panels

What is a shell scheme stand?

Shell schemes are used widely by event and exhibition organisers to divide up the venue space into smaller designated stand areas. Typically shell schemes consist of a series of upright aluminium poles which are connected by horizontal beams and fixtures. For any shell scheme exhibitors, one of the most effective things they can do to enhance their shell scheme stand is to purchase branded graphics to cover the shell scheme panels.

Why you should opt for graphics on your wall?

With only an estimated couple of seconds to capture the attention of passing by visitors in the exhibition hall whilst competing with neighbouring stands, it’s never been more important for your branding and graphics to pack a punch and get noticed. Additionally, with space becoming more expensive, exhibitors are opting to using the walls to maximise their brand exposure rather than bringing other branded printed displays which take up valuable space. Laying the shell scheme walls with graphic panels maximises the use of valuable branding space whilst conserving your stand footprint for other promotional uses.

  • Greater brand exposure in the exhibition hall
  • Stand out from the crowd of other shell schemes
  • Shout about your products and offers
  • Create a branded experience - pair with branded furniture e.g counters, plinths or glass showcases, deck chairs, bean bags & more

What should I display on my graphics?

  • Bold company logos
  • Images & graphics
  • Simple key company messaging - not too many words
  • Clean, simple fonts and no spelling mistakes

Types of Shell Scheme Graphics

In terms of shell scheme graphics, as an exhibitor you can choose between seamless or non-seamless graphics to cover your exhibition walls. The benefits of each solution depends on the messaging, images or logos you wish to display and your budget as they vary in price.

Seamless Graphics

With seamless graphics, they will cover the entire shell scheme walls without exposing the metal poles between panels meaning you can display a seamless picture on your stand. Each panel is printed and mounted on top of your existing shell scheme walls to create a truly seamless graphic effect with no visible shell scheme poles This type of graphic solution definitely gives your shell scheme the wow factor and gives a professional finish. Without the gaps between the panels, you can draw a full picture to your clients which can be the reason that tips the scales to your favor instead of that other company with their wobbly displays. The seamless graphic panels simply clicks onto the metal poles and is attached via velcro or tape to ensure it stays firmly on the shell scheme panels. Typically seamless graphics will be made of foamex either 3mm or 5mm in thickness, giving your graphics a high quality print and colour depth.

Non-Seamless Graphics

Non-Seamless graphics are great for exhibitors who are on a budget and looking for a cheaper alternative to brand the walls of their shell scheme and transform their space. Typically with non-seamless graphics, the graphic panels can either be printed onto foamex or PVC and you will still get the high quality print and colour depth compared to seamless graphics but instead you will see the visible shell scheme poles between each graphics panel. It's a truly versatile option since each printed panel is separated by the visible shell scheme poles on your stand meaning you can choose to have different artwork printed on each panel or have one continuous image spread across all panels. Top tip - one of the big benefits with opting for non-seamless shell scheme graphics is that you can mount a TV screen to your wall however you must purchase a reinforced shell scheme panel from the event organiser to ensure the wall is strong enough to support the screen. Another benefit of opting for non-seamless graphics is that if you choose PVC you can easily roll up the printed graphics and use them for future exhibitions or for other purposes at events.

Types of Non-Seamless Graphics

Each of our types of non-seamless graphics are printed to the exact specification of your shell scheme walling as they are trimmed to fit within the visible area of the shell scheme panels and are attached by velcro or low tack tape. At the end of your event or exhibition, the panels can simply be removed and are yours to keep for any future use. If you are planning to have the bottom half of your panel covered by either a table or display shelving then you may want to purchase only a half graphic panel which is only available for foamex.

Rollable PVC

Rollable PVC panels are the preferred option for those exhibitors who want to be able transport graphics easily as they can fold up and won’t take too much space to store especially if space is limited!


Foamex panels are rigid and generally produce better print quality in terms of colour depth and high resolution so they are a very popular material to choose as it results in great looking graphic panels. In terms of being able to reuse these graphic panels for future use it is more tricky since the panels are large in size, making transport and storage more challenging and they are vulnerable to snapping when removing from the shell scheme.


Once you have placed an order with us, you’ll need to let us know which type of shell scheme the event organiser is using so that we can advise on the correct dimensions to make your artwork to. This is because the sizes of shell scheme panels are generally consistent but they do vary slightly from each shell scheme type. You can find the type of shell scheme in your exhibitor manual or booking details however if you require any help, get in touch with our team who will be happy to help!

Expert installation & delivery direct to your stand or UK address

At ExpoCart we’re proud to offer an all inclusive service where our expert fitters will deliver and install your graphics directly onto your stand free of charge, meaning you can focus on getting ready for your exhibition. For exhibitors who don’t want installation, we also offer a self installation service for rollable PVC graphics where they can be delivered to the UK address e.g office, home or hotel.

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