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Café Barriers

In a range of options and styles, use our café barriers to help separate your retail or outdoor space or even create queue channels with high impact branding that promotes your brand and products from every angle.

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Queue Barriers

With café barriers available at a range of budgets in a variety of sizes and styles to suit, ExpoCart is a leading café barrier supplier for businesses in the UK. Separate your space and create professional, high impact brand awareness at the same time with a café banner, complete with your business’s all-important branding.

Why Use Queue Barriers?

High Impact Marketing

Don’t waste a key promotional space. Use a café barrier outside your store, alongside queue space at an event or exhibition and more. Using bold, fully branded designs, you

Make the Best Use of Space

Use café banners to make clever and cost-effective use of the space available to you.

High-Quality Banner

Choose from a range of different styles to suit your requirements. From Heras Panel Jackets, creating the perfect advertising opportunity over queue barriers, to economy and premium café barriers ideal for separating space, ExpoCart has the right solution for your business.

Where Can I Use Queue Barriers?

Creating Outdoor Sections

Cafe barriers can be helpful for a wide range of uses from cordoning off your retail space to creating separate areas within one large space. Often used for creating queue lines, don’t waste the opportunity to promote your brand in high definition to your direct target audience.

Use as Windbreaks

Helpful to separate space, café banners can also be used as windbreaks, making your exterior space more user-friendly.

Create Your Own Package

Use café barriers outside your store or venue paired with coordinating high quality branded signage products to create a professional and cohesive branding package for your company. Choose from ExpoCart’s wide range of options for a solution that works for you.

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