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iPad Stands & Holders

Our iPad Stands come in a range of different shapes and sizes to suit all types of tablets and iPads. They are ideal for any setting from retail spaces, offices, temporary pop up shops, exhibitions, events, conferences and more. Our stands provide a professional, stylish and secure way of showcasing your device and content.

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iPad Stand Inspiration

iPad Stands

Engage with your clients on a whole new level by adding a state of the art iPad to your exhibition stand or store, branded with a high-quality iPad stand, complete with your company logo. From contemporary steel options available for both floor-standing and desk- standing iPad holders to pop-up fabric iPad displays, find a solution that works best for your business. With designs complete with brochure and magazine racks, complete your retail space with a choice from the ExpoCart iPad stand range.

Why Use iPad Stands?

Interaction with Clients

Connect with your clients on a more engaging level by allowing them to interact with your brand and products through an on-stand iPad. Add a professionally branded iPad stand, upgrading your entire exhibition area.

Easy Transport & Set-up

Lightweight, yet durable and sturdy, iPad stands are easy to carry, transport and set up, making the process quick and easy on the move.

Where Can I Use iPad Stands?

Exhibitions & Trade Shows

A great way to show off your products and any promotional video content you’ve created during an exhibition or trade show, iPads are the ideal choice. Handy, compact and easy to transport, just add yours to a branded iPad stand to add a touch of professional tech to your stand.

Product Launches

If you’re launching a brand-new product, you need to show your customer every detail. Use an iPad for engaging content to excite and inspire.


Need to quickly showcase an entire collection of products in just minutes? Have an iPad on hand in a useful iPad holder within your showroom to allow clients full visibility in an instant.

Create Your Own Package

Pair a branded iPad stand with the rest of your promotional material to create a fully cohesive package for use instore and on-location. Choose from a range of signage for both indoor and outdoor, complete with ExpoCart’s high-quality printing.

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  • Roller Banners
  • Fabric Display Stands
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