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Folding Display Boards

Our folding display board range offers a comprehensive array of systems from jumbo display boards, to wheeled display board partitions and our highly versatile folding portable display board kits. These are available in a sizes from 6 - 10 panels which are pin and velcro friendly, making them ideal for displaying a mix of different types of promotional material.

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Folding Panel Display Boards

Discover ExpoCart’s wide range of folding display boards for exhibitions, trade shows and corporate events. A versatile way to create your own customised promotional backdrop, a folding notice board allows you to advertise in every location. From simple desktop displays to large-scale folding panel display boards for maximum impact, browse the range to find your ideal solution.

Why Choose a Folding Display Board?

Wide Range of Sizes

Dedicated to offering our customers choice for all brands, budgets and locations, discover a wide range of sizes when it comes to exhibition folding display boards. We start with a range of desktop display boards to sit on any table or surface. Need something bigger? Go for our larger folding panel display boards or choose a wheeled display screen set-up to suit your venue.

Change Your Promotions Quickly and Easily

All of our folding notice boards are pin and Velcro-friendly. Which makes creating your promotional display easier than ever. It also means you can change it up as often as you like. Simply add Velcro to your posters and display materials and attach them to the display boards or use classic pins for ultimate ease and speed.

Lightweight & Portable

Crafted in either PVC or aluminium frames, our boards are sturdy yet lightweight making them easy to transport to any location.

Easy to Assemble on Location

As well as being lightweight, our display boards are easy to assemble in minutes to allow your set-up experience to run as smoothly as possible.

Where Can I Use One?

Folding notice boards are the ultimate versatile display piece. Which means, our customers use them in a wealth of locations and venues. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Exhibitions
  • Trade shows
  • Conferences
  • Product launches
  • Pop up shops
  • Temporary store fits
  • Schools
  • Reception or communal areas
  • Offices
  • Staff rooms

We’ve made versatility and choice priorities when creating our range of exhibition folding display boards. Start at just 4 panels and work your way up to 10 panels or even our wheeled folding display board options when advertising in a larger space. Discover how to create your ideal promotional set up with the latest range at ExpoCart.

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