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Backpack Flags

Our range of backpack flags are the ideal advertising solution for on the move. They are perfectly suited to promote events or highlight your brand presence at trade shows or to organise a group of people on trips or excursions. Each of our backpack flags have a rugged and lightweight backpack that is comfortable to wear whilst on the move.

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Advertise your business on the move with ExpoCart’s range of high-quality backpack flags. This easy to use solution allows you or anyone from your team to show off your business branding and graphics in any location. Simply put on the backpack and begin showing off your brand to the world.


Our flag backpacks are the only hands-free solution to advertising when on the move!

Simple yet effective, we’ve created a range of designs that include teardrop flags, portrait style flags and feather shape flags all integrated into rugged and versatile backpack bags.

Where would I use one?

Our customers use our flag backpacks anywhere they can find customers or business when they’re on the move. This might include exhibitions, trade shows, conferences, corporate events, outdoor events, festivals, concerts and so many more locations and events.

What makes our backpack flags a great choice?

  • We have a range of flag shapes

With a wide range of flags to choose from, you can create a branded and customised flag backpack to suit your business and branding.

  • Backpacks are comfortable to wear

We know you’ll be wearing our flag backpacks over long periods of time. So, we incorporated comfort into the design to make sure you never tire of wearing it on the go. We added padded backpack straps to increase comfort over the shoulders and we added plenty of storage compartments within the bag itself to make sure you can use it as a useful bag as well as a backpack flag.

  • Easy to collapse the flag

Don’t want to travel to your event with the flag on show? No problem. Easily collapse the flag when you don’t need it and pop it back up again when you’re ready to start advertising.

Make sure your business is seen by potential customers no matter where you are with a choice from ExpoCart’s range of high-quality backpack flags.

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