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Panel & Pole Display Boards

Our pole and panel kits are perfect to use as a freestanding display to showcase information at events, conferences, offices and retail spaces. They are available in a range of velcro and pin friendly fabric colours. Each pole and panel display kit is available in either portrait or landscape panel orientations.

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Need ultimate flexibility? Discover ExpoCart’s range of panel display stands. These panel and pole display boards give you the versatility you’re looking for while making it easy to show off your promotional materials at any location or event. Our panel stands are lightweight, portable, easy to assemble and Velcro and pin-friendly.

Does your business exhibit at multiple locations and venues throughout the year?

Our range of panel display stands is the perfect solution.

Starting at just 4 panels up to a modular 10 panel set-up, create the ideal solution for your business. Choose from either PVC or aluminium frames for a sturdy and hard-wearing but lightweight stand and opt for either classic blue, statement red or any of our bold range of colours to suit your branding.

How do I attach my promotional materials?

Easy. All of our panel stands are pin and Velcro-friendly. This easy solution means you can add a wide range of posters and pre-designed promotional materials to your board, changing them quickly and easily for every event.

Simply add Velcro or hook and loop fastening tape to the back of your posters and attach to the board by pressing into the display board. Or, keep it simple and use pins at the corners of your materials and push into the board for secure attachment.

Alternatively, each of the panels has a graphic recess to one side to allow display materials to fit flush inside the frame.


  • Double-sided display
  • Added height for all locations
  • Easy assembly
  • Quick and easy to add promotional materials
  • Lightweight & robust frame
  • Portrait and landscape orientation options
  • Reusable
  • Wide range of colour options to suit your branding
  • Pin and Velcro-friendly
  • Carry case

Try a panel and pole display board for your next exhibition, conference or important business meeting and see how you can create a professional display in minutes.

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