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Exhibition Lightboxes

Our exhibition lightboxes offer seamless integration and easy setup, providing you with a hassle-free solution to add a touch of brilliance to your event and make it truly unforgettable. Choose from our set designs or get in touch with our team to create your own configuration to suit your event needs! We have a range of pre-selected, off-the-shelf kits that are configured into straight-back walls, L-shaped or U-shaped displays.

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Exhibition Lightboxes

Introducing Exhibition Lightboxes: Enhance Your Marketing Event

At Expocart, we offer a wide range of exhibition lightboxes that are sure to captivate and engage your audience. Our innovative display solutions provide the perfect platform for showcasing your graphics and messages, making them an essential addition to any marketing event.

Sleek Design and Versatile Functionality

Our exhibition lightboxes are designed with a sleek and modern aesthetic, ensuring that they seamlessly blend into any event space. These versatile stands can be used as standalone backlit fabric displays for smaller events or linked together to create unique LED displays in various shapes and sizes. We have a range of pre-selected, off-the-shelf kits that are configured into straight-back walls, L-shaped or U-shaped displays. 

Easy Assembly and Hassle-Free Installation

Setting up our lightbox exhibition stands is effortless. With number-coded frame sections that seamlessly slot together, you won't need any tools for assembly. The plug-and-play operation eliminates complicated wiring, making installation stress-free. In no time, your exhibition stand will be ready to go once you insert your SEG lightbox graphics.

Vibrant and Even Illumination

Our exhibition lightboxes feature integrated LED lights that deliver vibrant and diffused illumination across your artwork. The evenly distributed lighting ensures that your graphics are showcased without shadows or dark spots, maximising the impact of your branding.

Double-Sided Graphics for Maximum Exposure

Maximise your event space with our exhibition lightboxes' double-sided graphics, available at no extra cost. Our pre-selected LED exhibition stand kits include a custom-branded front graphic with a plain blackout reverse panel. This unique feature allows you to push your display stand right up to the wall of your shell scheme space, making the most of your floor space.

Flexibility for Custom SEG Graphics

With our exhibition lightboxes, you have the flexibility to switch out your artwork at any time. This feature enables you to adapt your message to different events or target audiences effortlessly. Update your branding to align with new campaigns, product launches, or evolving marketing needs, ensuring your display always remains fresh and relevant.

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