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Introducing Seamless Fabriclad Graphics: Your Ultimate Solution for High-Impact, Hassle-Free Shell Scheme Display Graphics. It’s a a super lightweight, seamless graphics, fabric system; ideal for anyone who wants a simple, quick to fit and easy to transport display product which can also be reused for future exhibitions.Our system is... read more

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    Introducing Seamless Fabriclad Graphics: Your Ultimate Solution for High-Impact, Hassle-Free Shell Scheme Display Graphics.

    It’s a a super lightweight, seamless graphics, fabric system; ideal for anyone who wants a simple, quick to fit and easy to transport display product which can also be reused for future exhibitions.Our system is exclusive and patented in the UK and the EU and it incorporates a unique method of fitting clips and printing/stitching that's distinct to UK manufacturing.

    Please note this product is self install only and the product will be delivered to your home or office address. This product has a 2 week lead time so please allow that when placing an order in time for your exhibition

    Revolutionary Clips

    • Our system utilises the existing shell scheme as its framework, eliminating the need for cumbersome structures. Each wall of your stand is adorned with large fabric panels, resulting in a seamless and eye-catching display. Graphics are printed on large fabric panels, one per wall, so a 3m x 3m corner stand (ie two walls) would be made up of two fabric panels. On longer walls (say 8m), a graphic could be split to 4+4 or 5+3 if preferred. These panels are attached to the shell scheme using our unique, patented Shell-Clad clips. Step-by-step installation instructions are supplied.

    Effortless Assembly

    • Fabriclad is designed for individuals who seek a display product that's quick to install and easy to transport. This lightweight, seamless fabric system covers every inch of your shell scheme walls, eliminating wasted display space. Moreover, it won't encroach on your precious floor space, a vital consideration for smaller stands. Remarkably, the entire system, including Shell-Clad fixing clips, printed Fabriclad graphics, and accessories, packs away neatly into a compact case which is an optional extra and is 90 x 50 x 30cm. Even better, one person can effortlessly install it without the need for any tools.

    Benefits of Fabriclad

    • One Lightweight Graphic Per Wall: No need to align individual panels, ensuring a perfect fit every time.
    • Easy Seamless Presentation: Spectacular visuals with graphics as big as your walls.
    • Embedded Inks and Scratch Resistant: Durable graphics suitable for multiple uses.
    • Superb Quality Print: Your images look their very best, attracting crowds.
    • Compact Storage: Can fold away into a single packing case, eliminating the need for van hire. Optional extra to add on a carry case (please see the separate product page for this and add to your order)
    • Easy Assembly: No specialised skills required; anyone can install Fabriclad.
    • 100% Wall Coverage on a Zero Footprint: Optimise your stand space for displays and visitors.
    • Efficient Installation: One person can handle it, no tools required.
    • Ideal Exhibition Starter Kit: Uncomplicated, cost-effective, and straightforward.
    • Please note that there is a minimum order of 3 panels for this product.

    How It Works in 3 Simple Steps:

    We will supply you with all the instructions (stand plan and hanging guide)

    • STEP 1: Fabriclad uses your shell scheme as its frame work, so there is no cumbersome structure to build. Instead you simply clip your Shell- Clad fixings into the shell scheme pillars. On a typical stand this process would take under ten minutes.
    • STEP 2: Next attach your Fabriclad graphics to the Shell-Clad fixings, one fabric panel per wall. Both your clips and graphics are pre-prepared with Velcro, so this is a simple, tool free process and it is very easy to pull the graphics tight. You will need a small ladder for this task.
    • STEP 3: Finally steam out any packing creases in your fabric, using the hand-held steamer provided in your kit case.

    It really is that simple. Perfect, seamless, high impact graphics!

    Compatibility Check - For Future Exhibitions

    • While Fabriclad is designed to seamlessly fit most shell scheme setups, it's essential to remember that not all shell schemes are the same. To ensure compatibility with your specific event, please contact us at least a month before your next show. Our team will assist you in verifying that Fabriclad is the right fit for your upcoming exhibition.

    Care and Maintenance

    We understand that your Seamless Fabriclad Graphics are not just an investment in high-impact displays but also a representation of your brand's quality. That's why we've made Fabriclad panels machine washable, ensuring your graphics remain vibrant and pristine. Follow these simple steps to keep your graphics looking their best:

    • Machine Wash: Put your graphic through a 30-degree wash cycle using a small amount of non-biological powder. This gentle wash helps remove any dust or dirt that may accumulate during use.
    • Flat Drying: After washing, dry the graphic flat if possible. This helps prevent any unwanted creases from forming during the drying process.
    • Iron with Care: Once dry, you can run an iron over your graphics to ensure they look flawless for your next event. However, it's essential to take precautions. Place a clean white cloth over the graphic before ironing to protect the printed surface. This simple step ensures your graphics remain in pristine condition.
    • Steam Away Creases: If any creases persist after washing or ironing, don't worry. You can easily steam them out using the handheld steamer provided in your kit case. This final touch guarantees your display looks impeccable on your stand.

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