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Promotional & Event Flags

Feather Flags and Advertising Flags

What brings an event to life are the small details and the livelihood of the event often depends on it so with this in mind, an event organiser should definitely consider investing in flags for their event. This is because flags are an essential form of advertising and help bring an event to life with vibrant colours, different shapes and their wide range of applications.

Types of Flags

1- Feather Flags

Feather flags are not actually filled with feathers, but get their name from their shape. They are becoming increasingly popular, and are used constantly by businesses to promote their events, products and services.

They are portable advertising, usually printed on polyester, with fibreglass or metal poles. The benefits of using feather flags sum up in the simple fact that they are affordable and incredibly effective in drawing attention to your event. However, their small size limits them to simple advertising, like the use of logos, instead of large communication. Doesn’t mean they don’t do what they’re designed for! Choose from a range of colors, and always keep an eye on the correct location choice, and these flags will make all the difference in your next event!

2- Teardrop Flags

In comparison to the feather flags, teardrop flags (named because of their shape) offer a lot more room for promotional communication. They are an ideal addition to your set-up, giving you easy portability and visibility. They are usually ideal for outdoor use, but that doesn’t mean you can’t customise them for indoor use as well.

Teardrop flags also give you the option of double-face graphics, allowing you to gain twice the attraction. These flags also come with multiple flag bases, and we’d advise investing in several types. The flag can easily be fitted into the base, whether a water base, concrete base or ground stake (for use on grass).

3- Sail Flags

No, we are not talking about boats here, but the idea of a large rectangular flag with enough promotional space to allow for any sort of advertising, well, that definitely has us swimming.

Sail flags come in large sizes, and leave a lasting impression. Perfect for creating branded signs, these flags will never be missed, their large size allowing them to be spotted from large distances.

They also allow for various types of printing, whether single-sided or double-sided. As with teardrop flags, investing in the right base is key here as well.