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Exhibition Furniture

Exhibiting at multiple exhibitions and events? Then look no further at our fantastic range of portable exhibition furniture.

Exhibition Furniture & Extras

Be prepared for your next big exhibition, trade show or corporate event at the drop of a hat with ExpoCart’s professional exhibition furniture, including those extra details that complete your branding whilst on location. From branded exhibition counters and tables to leaflet holders and literature stands, we’ve collated and designed everything you need to promote your company in any event or venue. With every detail thought of by ExpoCart, you’ll find your entire exhibition furniture solutions taken care of, leaving you time to plan and schedule your next big event or function.

Why Use Exhibition Furniture?

Give Your Trade Show Space a Professional Update

Adding customised and branded exhibition furniture and extras to your corporate space allows you to create a real sense of brand identity while on-the-go and on-location. From a central exhibition table to literature stands and iPad stands to showcase your products, find a wide range of options to dress out your exhibition space with ExpoCart.

Use Again & Again

The great thing about almost all exhibition furniture is its reusability. From counters to pop up stands, with the right branding, these are easy-to-use and easy-to-assemble details that create a great experience every time you need to set up a professional space.

It’s All in The Details

When it comes to standing out from your competitors inside a major exhibition venue or conference, it’s all about the details and ensuring you have eye-catching branding to grab your potential customer’s attention. With ExpoCart, you can create exactly what you need, making the best use of our high-quality banner printing and visuals.

Where Can I Use Exhibition Furniture?

Alongside corporate exhibitions and trade shows, there are many locations that exhibition furniture can be used effectively to help with your brand image and promotions.

In Store & Receptions

Whether you’re directing customers or simply promoting a new product instore, literature and iPad stands, as well as larger exhibition counters, can be used to create interest within a retail space.

Conferences & Lecture Halls

Fantastic for product launches and more, exhibition furniture can be used for a wealth of purposes within corporate and academic conferences and lectures.

Create Your Own Package

With every one of ExpoCart’s great designs completely customisable with your own business’s branding, you can create your own branded package, perfect for use inside exhibitions, trade shows, outdoor events and inside your own offices and retail space. Choose from a range of options and create a cohesive branding package that suits your business’s needs.

  • Promotional Counters & Plinths – Replace a regular unbranded table set-up with one of our promotional counters or plinths, individually branded and in a range of styles and sizes.
  • iPad Stands – From desk to floor stands, find an innovative selection of iPad stands, perfect for exhibitions and in-store features.
  • Literature Stands – Great for brochures, leaflets, magazines and more, find a wide range of literature stands in various styles and price points to suit.
  • Printed Tablecloths – Quickly rebrand any space with your own customised tablecloth, perfect for reuse time and time again.
  • Selfie Frames – Selfie frames can be a great way to encourage engagement and social sharing at any event.