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Vinyl Floor Coverings for exhibitions and events

Complete your trade show space with exhibition vinyl flooring customised to suit your business and all-important branding. Choose from a wide range of colour options, including multiple faux wood effects to create a space that works for your brand. Fantastic for use at exhibitions, vinyl flooring can also be the perfect solution for low-budget transformations in office spaces and temporary showrooms.

Why Use Vinyl Floor Covering?


With simple black and white options, classic elm, oak and maple wood designs, as well as bright colours to suit even the loudest branding, ExpoCart’s range of vinyl flooring has the perfect choice every brand. With a choice this varied, find the ideal option to team up your stand’s promotional material and your logo and branding colours with your exhibition flooring for a professional and complete finish.

Easy to Clean

It’s important to ensure your exhibition space looks brand-new and professional at all times. Vinyl flooring is waterproof and slip-resistant, making it easy to clean on the go, as and when you require.

Where Can I Use Carpet Floor Covering?

Exhibitions & Trade Shows

Designed and made for use at trade shows and exhibitions, vinyl flooring is robust and hard- wearing for use at heavy footfall events, keeping your stand looking polished at all times.

Temporary Work Spaces

From office space to temporary showrooms, vinyl flooring can be a fantastic way to renovate a space at a low budget for maximum impact.

Create Your Own Package

Choose between vinyl floor covering and carpet floor covering to complete your exhibition space and use the ExpoCart exhibition furniture range to form your own unique branding package. Making the best use of your temporary space attracts customers and makes a big impact when competition is right next door. Choose from a wide range to suit your business.

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