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Pavement Signs

From A frames to swing signs they are one of the most traditional yet effective methods of advertising.

Pavement Signs

Point your customers in the right direction with a branded, high-quality pavement sign. ExpoCart design and build pavement signs to last with a wide range of options perfect for every type of business.

Why Use Pavement Signs?

Sturdy Design

Choose the perfect pavement sign for your location and trust the sturdy and durable design features on each one. Built to withstand high winds and poor weather, it’s the perfect solution for reliable outdoor promotions.


Need to change your promotions quickly and regularly? The snap A-frame pavement sign allows you to promote on both sides of the frame with a quick ‘snap’ mechanism, allowing you to change the posters as and when you need.

Where Can I Use Pavement Signs?

Outside Your Store Location

Grab the attention of passing traffic with a traditional pavement sign, designed to let potential customers know exactly where you are and what you have on offer. Looking for a pavement sign that can withstand high winds and adverse weather conditions? Try the durable Waterbase sign, built for stability.

Outside Exhibitions and Trade Shows

Leave a heavy-duty pavement sign outside your chosen exhibition or trade show hall to let your customers know you’re inside as soon as they arrive. Point them immediately in your direction and allow your branding to do all the talking.

Create Your Own Package with your Pavement Sign

Create a professional branding package for your business by teaming your branded pavement sign up with any other promotional signage available on ExpoCart.

  • Outdoor Banner Stands
  • Cafe Barriers
  • Pop Out Banners

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