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Pavement Signs

Pavement signs are one of the oldest yet most effective methods of advertising that exists in the medium of communication. There's just something about making yourself known outdoors to all walks of life that is just effective. That’s why the art of outdoor signage is a tried and well tested method to increase the following for your enterprise, business, and establishment as a whole.

Benefits of Using Pavement Signs

Pavement boards are great for running special offers and news about your business, always keeping you in touch with crowds at all times. Being an easy and portable outdoor solution, there is never a chance for customers not to come across your advertising. Also, using the correct base allows for wind resistance, making it virtually impossible for your sign to be blown over.

ExpoCart offers you some of the best, well produced signs out there. Our main mission is to ensure that you end up purchasing the best and that you, our customer, leave with not only the highest quality display solution, but also something that is relevant for your specific needs.

Types of Pavement Signs

There are many different types of pavement sign options you can choose from to fit every budget and desire. All of the signs are equipped to offer the maximum impact your business needs on the streets. Remember, the quality of your display sign reflects your image so choosing the right display sign is incredibly important.

  • Swinging Signs

One of the most popular types of pavement signs are swinging signs. The signs are particularly effective in windy places, as the installed moving panel allows the wind to pass through without causing the whole sign to blow over in strong winds which could damage it. Swinging pavement signs come in a variety of sizes. Another advantage to the swinging signs is the interchangeable panels, such as printed panels, which allows you to alter your message at any time without the cost of buying additional complete signs. Not to mention, the round, soft styling of the stand allows for better pedestrian safety. No wonder it’s the UK’s market-leading sign.

  • A-Board Signs

The A-Board pavement sign comes in various shapes and sizes, whether they are sandwich board signs or wooden chalk- boards. Remember those snap frames you constantly see outside shops and businesses? How about the restaurant with its ‘special of the day’ chalked in beautiful, eye-catching colours? The foldable option gives these boards the benefit of being folded and removed when the business is closed, and allows for a display on both sides for maximum exposure. Of course, the elements have a way of ruining that perfect display, so being able to snap your board closed and carry it inside is a nifty option. Not to mention, a lot of boards are made of galvanized steel back panels to put some extra weight against wind.

  • Signmaster Pavement Sign

A third option you should seriously consider is the Sightmaster pavement sign. These also come with rounded frames for safety, as well as built-in wheels for easy mobility. They allow for quick poster changes, usually with snap-open, snap-shut frames, and have water-filled bases to withstand strong winds. Not to mention, they’re flat-packed and quick to assemble.

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How do I choose the right pavement sign?

1- Venue or Location

The first thing to consider when choosing your sign is the location. Is your event taking place in a venue where the winds are merciless? Is your event indoors or outdoors? Does it rain a lot? All these things will determine your base-choice, the material of your pavement sign, and the size (since you might be moving it around a lot).

2- Budget

As always, what you intend to do with the pavement sign is important. If your event is short-lived, and you will be folding your pavement sign for the night, then you can invest in less-costly products. Of course, if the event has a lot of wear and tear, and your pavement sign will be subjected to the elements, then there is no denying the investment you need to make to ensure maximum effectivity.

3- Style

What kind of pavement sign you will use usually depends on the type of product you are promoting. If you’re in the tech industry, a more modern and sleek design would be advisable. If you’re selling hand-crafted products, maybe a chalk-board with a vintage feel would be best. Never underestimate how much the design can reflect who you are and what your business does.