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Café Barriers

Queue barriers are an all important part of organising your place of business or for making your presence known at an event. Whether you are the organising body for the event or are simply participating, they are an important weapon in your arsenal.

Why Use Queue Barriers?

Queue barriers function to maintain order and result in an overall increase in customer satisfaction by providing a consistent and quick rate of service. By using queue barriers, you ensure that the operations of your business are kept organised and orderly. Queue barriers are an often underestimated and important part of the operations of any business or venue from crowded restaurants to trade expos. They are a central part to the organisation of customers and participants. At ExpoCart we are dedicated to offering a variety of different kinds of queue barriers at a variety of price ranges.

Types of Queue Barriers

1- Standard Queue Barrier

Considering the variety of queue barriers, the most common type is the standard queue barrier, which can retract easily from a ground mount with a solid base. It is an effective way to maintain organisation and prevents any form of confusion or queue cutting and jumping.

These are often also called queue dividers; they are an important part of your function or event and your customers will greatly appreciate the fact that their place in the queue is kept safe from any interference, and that the queue is clearly defined and organised.

Queue ropes are less tight forms of queue barriers, more often seen at movie theatres or hotels and other entertainment or luxury oriented businesses.

These lovely ropes will give your customers a feeling of class, quality and comfort without losing any of the important organisational and safety aspects of a traditional queue barrier, a queue rope ensures that your customers will feel more at home than a queue barrier and it allows you to set up a queue at your business or event without compromising the look and style you have established with queue barriers that may look out of place.

2- Tensa Barriers

Tensa barriers are a specific patented type of retractable queue barrier that has built into it a twin brake system which increases the safety of the barrier significantly. The Tensa retractable queue barrier retracts much more slowly than other retractable queue barriers meaning that it does not snap back ensuring the safety of your customers and giving the barrier a longer lifespan. Tensa barriers are a high quality option for the business that would like to ensure that their queue barriers are especially safe and comfortable for their customers.

Queue barriers are indispensable when it comes to organisation and safety. It is an extremely unpleasant experience for your customers to have their queues cut or to be confused as to where to go when they need to check out or to ask for information. At expo cart it is important to us that you have a variety when it comes to the decisions that affect your business and the experience of your customers. Therefore we are determined to deliver to you the best quality and variety of queue barriers.