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Tension Banners

Tension Banners

The tension banner gets its name from the tension used within the poles to straighten the graphic panel up. Thanks to this tension, your graphic panel will stand out and stay perfectly straight. The plates that are held by the poles come in different shapes, sizes, and style, so you can choose the best fit for your advertisement. The poles and frame used to straighten the panel are hidden behind it; it’s simple yet effective.

They are great for those who attend exhibitions often, since the panel is very easy to change. You won’t need a new stand to change your panel; you can change your graphic whenever you want. Which makes them different than roller banners because of their flexible replacement.

Their usage doesn’t only end in exhibitions; they’re also used in libraries, universities, shopping centres, schools, trade fairs, museums, open days, etc. ExpoCart allows you to have your own custom printed banner, so your panel can be the perfect fit for your logo, and it’ll definitely grab people’s attention.

Why are tension banners perfect for your exhibitions?

For the most part, tension banners are very noticeable, with their vibrant, rich colors and high quality fabric; it’s impossible not to notice them. Their light weight makes them portable, simple, and easy to use and store. They don’t take time to either setup or fold back together, and they’re wrinkle-free. And of course, they’re available different types, and come at low prices.

Types of Tension banners

There are different types of tension banner displays. Many tension banners can be joined with other banners, and make wide, eye-catching displays.

Twist Banner System

The most popular out of them is known as the Twist banner system, which makes it easy to join individual, different banners together, and results in one immense banner.

It’s highly flexible, and allows your advertisement to be shaped, and customised according to your need, whether you want a straight or curved display. It has very high quality, which means it’ll last for many events.

Why are the Tension Banners your best option?

The essential element for your advertisement is to stand out, and Tension banners guarantee that for you. The high quality materials, rich colours, and simplicity allow you to have the most striking panel in the exhibition.

Not only is it simple to use, but it’s also not time consuming at all, especially with its flexible poles that make it easy for you to straighten up or tear down your panel in not time. The poles that hold the panel make it impossible for the fabric to wrinkle, which ultimately results in the most flexible, eye catching display out there.