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Tension Banners

Need promotional displays for your event or exhibition stand that can be changed and updated regularly in an instant? A tension banner stand could be just the solution. Unlike other roller banners, with tension banners, you are able to reuse the stand and interchange the designs of your banners quickly and easily. Our popular X-frame tension banners mount the graphic with a simple eyelet system, while the x-frame completely stretches the banner for a crease-free perfect finish.

Why Use Tension Banners?

Bold High Impact Display

Due to the nature of tension banners, your graphic display is stretched tightly and stands out away from the framework, giving your branding a high impact result that catches the eye.


Unlike other banners and display stands, you can change the graphics on a tension banner as and when you require, using the same stand time and time again.


Crafted in lightweight, yet durable aluminium, tension banner stands and graphics are quick and easy to set up and take down, as well as incredibly easy to transport. The perfect choice for packing up to show at exhibitions, trade shows and conferences.

Where Can I Use Tension Banners?


Tension banners are perfect for exhibitions due to their high impact noticeability. Catch the attention of potential customers and guide them over to your exhibition stand with a promotional print that they can’t miss.


Don’t have much space to make an impact? Tension banners are an ideal solution to project your branding without a large stand.

Create Your Own Package

Use tension banners as part of your overall branding package to create the best and most professional stand at any event. Team your chosen stand with any of ExpoCart’s range of exhibition tools, ensuring your branding is seen by every single potential customer at your event.

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  • Fabric Flags

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