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PDQ & Till Hire

Set yourself up to start taking payments no matter what the location with our professional range of PDQ machines and tills, available to hire for as long as you need. From full EPOS systems to portable iZettle card readers, get exactly what you need to complete your sale.

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Payment systems hire for exhibitions

From hundreds of exhibitions from Grand Designs Live to Country Living, Speciality & Fine Food Fair and more where selling your products and merchandise is the key objective, having a reliable and fast payment processing system has never been more important.

From years of experience of assisting exhibitors across hundreds of exhibitions for all their equipment hire needs, we also offer a comprehensive range of till, EPOS and PDQ hire available for exhibition stands. For expert advice, get in touch with a member of the team who will happily discuss your till hire requirements and guide you through the process.

Support when you need it

We offer technical phone support and we’ll set up your system to your spec so that you are all ready to go. Additionally, we’ll also send across the manuals and instructions ahead of your event or expo so that you can familiarise yourself with how it works.

Delivery nationwide

We deliver to any UK address and if you would like your payment system delivered directly to your exhibition stand, get in touch with us today to find out more.

Help & advice every step of the way

Not sure which payment system to hire or want to know more details, we’re here to help and we’ll guarantee a professional and reliable service all the way from set up before your event to any advice needed throughout your exhibition.

Why hire?

Finding yourself without a reliable or functioning payment system is one of the most frustrating experiences an exhibitor can have. After having spent valuable time and money organising an exhibition stand, it is infuriating for yourself and customers who have had a hard time paying and will likely cause loss of business. It is difficult to fix quickly and it can have long reaching effects on the reputation of your business meaning visitors will shop elsewhere and often to nearby competitor stands.

This is why many exhibitors will opt for a service like ours, who are dedicated to providing you with high quality payment systems to rent. If you are setting up a business in a temporary location like a trade event or expo or want to try a new payment system before fully investing in it, then our till, EPOS or PDQ rental is the best choice.

Credit Card Machine & Mobile Payments Hire

Credit card machines (often called a chip and pin or pdq terminals) are the most commonly seen electronic payment method in the world now. This is purely because everybody carries with them a credit card even more so than cash and this is especially the case in an exhibition environment.

Credit card machines take many forms and we have invested in making sure that you have the best selection available to you when making a pdq machine hire for your business. Never forget that the mobility and small size offered by mobile card terminals can be an incredible advantage when hiring payment methods for a temporary event like trade events or expos, as well as in customer service as anything that prevents the payment from being clunky will make a great impression on your customers.

- Verifone PDQ Hire

Our Verifone PDQ terminals that are available to hire are extremely portal and easy to use and to get started you will simply need to supply your UK merchant number and complete our easy set up form. However if you don’t have a merchant number, that is no problem as we can certainly help with this and get you set up with one with our partner within 10 -14 days. If you would like to learn more about our PDQ machine hire, do get in touch with a member of our team who will be happy to assist.

- iZettle Hire

In addition, for customers who don’t have a UK merchant account, we recommend hiring our iZettle readers that are incredibly easy to set and you can start taking payments right away. We also offer bluetooth printers to hire enabling you to offer printed receipts as well as sending them via email. In order to get started with the iZettle card readers, you will simply need to download the app and go through the set up process.

EPOS Till Hire

EPOS systems (or Electronic Point of Sale) are becoming increasingly popular in exhibition venues and are an incredibly convenient way to simplify and improve your payment methods.. A scaled up, modern, and high tech approach to customer service and payment an EPoS till hire will provide an incredible advantage in automation and ROI.

The customisable aspects inherent to EPOS systems makes them particularly convenient for hire, as the software package and the peripherals can be easily set up to suit your specific needs. The flexibility of EPoS machines can make them particularly efficient for hiring as they can be used with multiple payment methods and can have many peripherals added to them. Added to that many EPOS machines can be connected to the cloud allowing you to track your sales and increasing functionality.

Till Hire

At ExpoCart, we offer a fantastic range of tills available to hire from our basic till which is ideal for businesses who want to sell up to 16 products and is excellent value for money so it’s no wonder it’s one of our best selling tills available to hire. Our technical team will offer programming included in the hire price so all you will need to do is send across your product names and copy for your receipts.

Our preset till is ideal for businesses who need further levels of customisation and also require programming for up to 110 products. It also comes with the flexibility of having your receipt branded with your logo and copy and also comes with compulsory server ID entry.

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