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PA System & Lighting Hire

Whether you’re preparing for a trade exhibition or a huge corporate event, if you’re in the need of a PA system with accompanying lighting, ExpoCart can help. Ideal for smaller events and presentations, check out our packages to find the perfect solution for your needs.

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PA system hire for exhibition stands

At ExpoCart, for exhibitors wishing to hire a PA system for their exhibition stands, we have our Expo PA system package suitable for small crowds of up to 20 people and comes with speakers, speaker stands, mixer and microphone. It's ideal for stands doing any presentations or product demonstrations in front of small crowds of visitors. All required cables are included.

Why hire PA systems for exhibitions?

There are a variety of different reasons more and more exhibitors want to hire a PA system for their exhibition space and here are the following purposes we have seen in an exhibition setting.

  • Product demonstration
  • Company presentations
  • Q & A panels
  • Live quizzes and games

Creating the right setting

Each type of event or exhibition organiser has its own theme or atmosphere it wishes to create, so it is only fair for most events and venues to look for equipment that brings that aura to life and makes it vibrant for the attendees.

In lighting, for example, you have many types of equipment like LED lights, disco styled lights, fairy lights and normal generic stage lights. As for sound systems, you have everything available from DJ equipment to microphone with all of their types such as radio microphones to wireless microphones and they offer, as well, sound cables and desk which are necessary at any show.

If you would like to know more about our offering, get in touch with a member of the team to learn more.

Hassle free delivery

At ExpoCart we’re proud to offer an all inclusive service where our delivery team deliver, install and collect direct to your exhibition stand or venue completely free of charge meaning you can focus on getting ready for your exhibition.

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