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iPhone & Smartphone Hire

Keep your team connected with our wide range of iPhone and smartphones available to hire for as long as you need them. Choose from the latest handsets in both iOS and Android and create a professional network that works for you in an instant.

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iPhone & Smartphone Rental

With a range of iPhone models as well as Samsung S8 smartphones available, let ExpoCart complete your exhibition, conference or temporary event shopping list with the help of as many iPhone and smartphones as you need for your business. If you need to quickly and efficiently supply your team with smartphones, iPhone rental with the help of ExpoCart is the best option for an affordable price.

Why Hire an iPhone or Smartphone?

Get the Tech You Need Now, Flexibly

ExpoCart’s rental phone services allow you access to a wide variety of iPhones and smartphones, giving you the chance to provide the best possible technology for your business for particular events without the large investment of purchasing and for the flexible time you need.

Professionally Network in an Instant

iPhone hire allows you to ensure everyone relevant within your business can professionally network at the click of a button with business contacts and apps installed and ready to use on the device.

Where Can I Use a Hired iPhone or Smartphone?

Exhibitions & Conferences

Whether it’s for communication, promotions or interactivity on the job, iPhone hire gives you the assurance that every member of your team has the best possible tools for the job or temporary project at hand.

Business Trips

Need to ensure your team is connected at all times? Whether you need technology for a day or a month, iPhone rental gives you the flexibility and assurance of the latest technology in the hands of everyone within your business that needs it.

Create Your Own Package

  • iPad and Tablet Hire - Complete your exhibition space or event materials with coordinating iPad and tablet hire to pair with your iPhone rental from ExpoCart.
  • iMac and Laptop Hire - Need a more interactive or in-depth experience for your event? Add an iMac or laptop to your rental list.
  • Exhibition Starter Packages – Get everything you need for your business’ first-ever exhibition or event with the help of ExpoCart.
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