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Plants & Flowers Hire

Create a space that truly reflects your brand with the help of a little greenery, giving you a lifestyle edge that outshines your next-door competitors. Our plants and flowers hire range allows you to fill your exhibition stand with life, creating an ambience that draws in your clients.

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Event plants for hire

There is nothing more inviting than to be surrounded by fresh greenery that flourishes your environment with natural aromas. More and more event organisers understand the importance of flowers and plants to create the right ambience for their events. Here at ExpoCart, we make it easier to create stunning floral arrangements for your events and exhibitions.

Go Green

There are so many reasons why event organisers and exhibitors hire plants for their space from creating a professional setting to creating a themed area - you can pick from a variety of different sizes and shapes to suit your space. What is certain is that adding flowers and plants, will add a certain feel of character to your area and make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Office & meeting room plants

Having office plants in your workplace can go a long way. They abolish the possibility of a bland looking office, they are beautiful to look at, and they might just contribute to filling the staff with energy and productivity. Scientific research has found that having real plants in the work place reduces bad gasses, stress and distracting noises.

Sit back & relax

What’s great about renting plants is that you don’t need to worry about their maintenance - we’ll ensure they are well watered, fed and trimmed so you can just focus on your event. Any necessary maintenance, such as watering, feeding and trimming, during the exhibition will be undertaken by our team.

Hassle free delivery

At ExpoCart we’re proud to offer an all inclusive service where our delivery team deliver, install and collect direct to your exhibition stand or venue completely free of charge meaning you can focus on getting ready for your exhibition.

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