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  • Colour: Red
  • Connection type: HDMI
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Female Posing Mannequin

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The Female Posing Mannequin is a standing mannequin that will be perfect for showcasing adult clothing. This mannequin comes with a 10mm heavy-duty glass base and calf peg for additional stability. The footsize of this mannequin is a size 4 with a heel height of 6cm. 


  • Height: 1753mm / 69 inches
  • Bust: 902mm / 35.5 inches
  • Waist: 622mm / 24.5 inches
  • Hips: 787mm / 31 inches
  • Shoulder-to-shoulder: 330mm / 13 inches
  • Foot size: 229mm / 9 inches / UK size 4

Key Features:

  • Standing pose
  • White matte finish
  • Glass stand with calf peg included

How do I set it up?

The mannequin will be delivered in pieces for you to assemble and dress. Set up is super quick and easy with no tools required. Simply:

  • Find the base plate and foot/calf peg. Put together. If you are using a calf peg, it should slide over the foot peg. 
  • The Posed Female Mannequin's body comes in five pieces; the  "little leg" which is the left leg and foot, the "big leg" which is the right leg, foot and pelvis, the upper body and head, and two arms. 
  • Taking the "little leg" and "big leg" first, turn them both to reveal the lock and pin fixing - at the top of the "little leg" and the connecting spot on the "big leg". Place the leg pieces together and turn them flat, as though to lay the mannequin on it's back, so that the pin drops into place.
  • Repeat this manoeuvre with the upper body, connecting it at the waist. Once done, you can stand the mannequin upright and place it on the stand. The calf peg fits into the "big leg" and will support and stabilise the mannequin. (If you are dressing as you assemble, now is a good time to dress the mannequin.)
  • The arms of the Posed FeMale Mannequin are straightforward to attach. If the upper body of the mannequin is dressed, you can thread the arms through the sleeves for attachment.
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