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55" Giant iTab Touchscreen

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The 55” Giant iTab is an incredibly versatile TouchScreen solution, fantastic in a range of different settings from exhibitions, events, retail environments to ‘live’ presentations and broadcasting. The 55” size is ideal for large presentations in bigger groups or great for wayfinding and signage at larger events at the entrance.

From displaying your website, to motion graphic videos and applications you can present your sales and marketing information from one easy-to-use device, just like your own smartphone or tablet but on a giant scale.

It is a fully touchscreen solution and is a perfect tool for app demonstrations, lead capture, games, social media, wayfinding, training and much more - the ideas are endless.

Giant iTab is an award winning touch screen tablet solutions. Looks and acts exactly like a giant iPad or iPhone and is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows apps.

It is a complete ‘Plug & Play’ solution as you can showcase any digital content including websites, digital multimedia and apps in native or web format.

The 55” is available in four different types including Tablet, TouchTable, SmartPhone or SmartTable.

With our Tablet and TouchTable units they do not have the outer smartphone enclosure and instead have their black surround and outer trim to resemble a traditional tablet. Our SmartPhone and SmartTable units feature a stylish white outer casing to mimic the design of today’s most popular smartphones.

Depending on the type of 55” Giant iTab you choose, the stand the Giant iTab is mounted onto varies. Our Tablet and SmartPhone units are mounted onto a stylish white floor stand with wheels enabling you to easily move the unit around and can be mounted in either Portrait or Landscape orientation. Our TouchTables and SmartTables are fixed onto a minimalistic, modern chrome table which can be titled for different viewing angles.

Need help with content? We can certainly help with any content requirements.

Want to have branding on the casing and stands? Get in touch as all of our stands can be personalised with your branding!

Full delivery, set- up and installation as well as onsite training if required.

Features and options:

  • Available as a Tablet, SmartPhone, TouchTable or SmartTable
  • Screen Size: 55”, 138.8cm
  • 1920 x 1080 Full HD 16:9
  • Dimensions H 235cm x W 114cm x D 58cm
  • High end PC
  • Pro-cap multitouch touchscreen
  • 12 compatible touch points activated by finger
  • Operating System - Android/ iOS
  • In-built speakers
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
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