There’s a real herd mentality with ordering furniture for exhibition stands; exhibitors stick to basic and practical furniture, but this needn’t be the case! You can instantly stand out from your neighbours by dodging the usual Z Stools, roller banners and Iso Chairs and opting, instead, for some of the fun furniture ideas in this post. The decision to opt for more exciting furniture will of course depend on the culture and nature of your company, but lots of these options offer great practical solutions so you needn’t sacrifice substance in the name of style.

Giant lego can be both practical and an awful lot of fun!
  • Giant Lego – Giant Lego is not only nostalgic and, frankly, amazing, it’s also multi-functional. You can build practical furniture pieces from it for a subtle hint at your fun side, or use it for team-building and ice-breaking tasks and competitions.


Inflatable Chesterfields are both comfortable and luxurious


  • Inflatable furniture – Achieve both great style and the height of comfort with inflatable furniture. This range strikes the perfect balance between luxury and comfort – plus people will flock to your stand to rest their exhibition-weary legs.


The Pimm’s Trike is great for summer exhibitions and events
  • Fun food machines – Plenty of exhibitors offer coffee, tea and water at their exhibition stands, draw crowds by offering more interesting freebies to your visitors. Fun food machines are also a great way to bring a touch of nostalgia to your stand and bring out the inner child in your visitors, especially with treats like candy floss and popcorn. Watch out for corkage fees from the organiser, but we love the Pimm’s Trike!


Give visitors a momento of the show with take-home photos
  • Photo booths – Photo booths can work really well when you offer a physical product which lends itself to being snapped with visitors – perfect for make-up and fashion brands! Photos also have a wider appeal, offering a keepsake for the visitor to remember the event (and subsequently your company).


Plants add a tropical twist to your exhibition stand
  • Plants & flowers – Quickly and easily add a tropical twist to your exhibition stand with plants. As the cheapest option in our line up, plants are a really simple way to stand out among the corporate and uninviting stands of your neighbours.


Jump on the technology trend sweeping the exhibition industry
  • VR – Embrace the future of exhibitions by using VR technology at your exhibition stand. This trend is gaining huge momentum in the events industry at the moment, but is still quite a novelty at exhibitions so you’ll certainly attract a crowd and be memorable!