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Drinks & Coffee Machine Hire

Whether you need simple kettles on-location or an exhibition-friendly water cooler to cater for both your staff and your clients, find exactly what you need in our drinks and coffee machine hire range with options to suit every type of business.

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Drink & Coffee Machine Hire

The first thing any stand aims to do is to attract and welcome people into their stand and because of this reason, serving drinks and coffees on exhibition stands are becoming increasingly popular. Offering coffee is one of the easiest ways to stand out from the crowd, increase visitor satisfaction and maximise your marketing potential.

The aroma of fresh coffee and the promise of great tasting coffee is enough to urge even the most reluctant or shy visitors from approaching your stand. By serving drinks, you can immediately spark a conversation, ultimately breaking the ice and making everyone feel relaxed.

Why hire coffee machines?

Whether you are an exhibitor or event organiser, you need to make sure that you think about every detail of your event ensuring it runs smoothly and leaves a lasting impression on your attendees. An increasingly attractive way of ensuring you keep your visitors happy and keep them coming into your stand or event is to offer free coffee by hiring a coffee machine.

Why serve coffee?

  • Everyone loves coffee

Coffee is the fuel of the world and Having great coffee served on your stand is an extra touch that will be appreciated by your visitors and your free gesture will definitely not go unnoticed.

  • Alert & awake

Let’s face it exhibitions are very busy and tiring places, often demanding long days and stressful times during the set up and break down of the event. Visitors will often be looking for an energy boost to keep them on their feet and they will be looking for somewhere that can offer this.

  • Retention

Whilst visitors wait for their perfect cup of coffee to be brewed and served, this can be the perfect chance to interact with them, hand out literature and introduce your business. Some exhibition stands take it one step further, by catering for a dedicated seating or lounge area for visitors to relax with their drink.

When there is fresh coffee being served, more often than not there’s usually a queue at the stand, making it look incredibly popular thus attracting even more visitors.

  • Water cooler hire

Why not supply your members of staff and visitors with cool, filtered and fresh water? More and more stands are opting to offer complimentary water since it’s a great way to keep visitors on your stand and provide an inviting environment for them to interact with your sales staff.

Hassle free delivery

At ExpoCart we’re proud to offer an all inclusive service where our delivery team deliver, install and collect direct to your exhibition stand or venue completely free of charge meaning you can focus on getting ready for your exhibition.

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